Ebenezer Child Care Centers Provide “Child Care from the Heart”

Ebenezer Childcare VideoAt Ebenezer Child Care Centers, our role models aren’t found in history books, news magazines or at the movies…They are found tucking their children into bed every night in Milwaukee, Oak Creek and Wauwatosa.

Together in partnership with hard working, loving and caring parents just like you, Ebenezer Child Care Centers has earned the “Center of Excellence” Award, Wisconsin’s highest honor for¬†day care. Simply put, all of the staff at Ebenezer Child Care Centers is committed to providing a home-like atmosphere for the children we serve. That’s why we call it, “Child Care from the Heart.”

We also understand the impact the formative years have on a child’s entire lifetime. That is way Ebenezer Child Care Centers’ staff works tirelessly to develop innovative day care¬†curriculum that not only helps your child to develop socially and emotionally but also to thrive academically. As a result, our staff to child ratio is low, so we can provide the same kind of personalized care you do at home because it is critical for you as a parent to have peace of mind when you leave your child with us to head off to your busy work day.