3K and 4K Programs Give Children a Jump Start

Have you decided where you will be sending your child for 3K and 4K? Deciding which program is best for your child is an important decision that will shape their future educational success, and now is the time to be enrolling for the 2016-2017 school year.

4K 3The goal of our 3K and 4K Programs is to ensure that all children who are enrolled in it leave the program well prepared for kindergarten. We understand that this an amazing time of discovery and learning, and our goal is to make it enjoyable for your child.

As you may have noticed, many area public schools are currently promoting their 4K programs, and in some Milwaukee area neighborhoods, new 3K programs.

As the parent of a 3- or 4-year-old, you may be considering one of these programs. However, before you do this, ask yourself if it’s truly in the best interests of your child to move him/her to an unfamiliar program where the student-to-teacher ratio could be as high as 25 children to 1 teacher.

Ebenezer offers outstanding 4K programs at our Downtown Milwaukee, Southside Milwaukee, Oak Creek and Wauwatosa Centers.  All of our 4-year-old classrooms operate on a ratio of 13 children to 1 teacher.  Our 3-year-old classrooms have a ratio of 10 children to 1 teacher.

We offer an age-appropriate curriculum that focuses on:

Literacy: Asking and answering questions, expressing themselves, using sentences and verbally telling you their first and last name.4K 2

Reading and Writing: Using a pencil, demonstrating an understanding of print concepts, recognizing some letters, writing some letters, and writing their own name.

Math Skills: Sorting and classifying objects, comparing objects using appropriate words, recognizing patterns and repeating them, demonstrating awareness of time and sequence, recognizing shapes, colors and some numbers.

Self Help Skills: Toileting independently, dressing themselves, caring for personal items and serving themselves at mealtime.

4K 1Physical: Running, walking backwards, catching a ball, walking up and down stairs with alternating feet, and pedaling a bicycle. Children will also be learning to control hand muscles by building complex structures with small materials and using scissors.

Social/Emotional: Adjusting to new situations, recognizing own feelings, managing them appropriately and playing.

Plus, we combine our curriculum with our Virtues Program and the tender loving care that families have come to expect from Ebenezer Child Care Center since 1968.  Other benefits of enrolling your child in one of Ebenezer’s programs include: There is no need for busing your child to and from different programs. This translates into fewer transitions in your child’s day and greater continuity of care. Our programs are open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. so we can meet the needs of your busy family. Your child will feel safe, secure, and confident in our facilities that have been designed for his/her age group. If your child still naps or needs help with toilet training, we will ensure that his/her individual needs are met. Our early childhood curriculum is structured, yet fun and loving, focusing on the needs of the whole child . Our teachers believe that children learn best through interacting with their environment. We create a stimulating classroom environment that encourages problem solving, exploration, creativity, muscle control, cooperation, communication, and positive self-esteem. Children have the opportunity to learn about authors, artists, and music through hands-on activities from Ebenezer’s Music, Art, and Literature Programs.

Registrations for Ebenezer’s 2016-2017 3K and 4K Programs are now being accepted. For more information or to register, call 414.643.5070.