3K and 4K Programs NOW ENROLLING

With the uncertainty of school starting in fall due to COVID-19, have you decided where you will be sending your child for 3K and 4K?

Our 3K and 4K Programs  will be running and are certain to prepare your child for kindergarten in a positive learning environment that is enjoyable for your child.

As you may have noticed, many area public schools are currently promoting their 4K Programs, and in some Milwaukee area neighborhoods, 3K Programs as well. You may be considering one of these
programs. However, before you do this, ask yourself if it’s truly in the best interest of your child to move him/her to an unfamiliar program where the student-to-teacher ratio could be as high as 25 children to 1 teacher or more!

All of our centers in Downtown Milwaukee, Southside Milwaukee, Oak Creek, and West Allis/Wauwatosa offer outstanding 3K and 4K Programs. Our 4K classrooms operate on a ratio of 13 children to 1 teacher. Our 3K classrooms have a ratio of 10 children to 1 teacher. We also offer an age-appropriate curriculum that focuses on: literacy, math, physical development, social and emotional development and self-help skills.

In addition, we combine our curriculum with our Virtues Program and the tender loving care that families have come to expect from Ebenezer Child Care for over 50 years. We also provide wrap around care, and all of our centers are designed especially for 3- and 4-year-olds. Registrations for Ebenezer’s 2020-2021 3K and 4K Programs are now being accepted.

For more information call:
Mona our Center Coordinator at our Downtown Center: 414-224-0990
Leslie our Center Coordinator at our Southside Center:414-643-5699
Ann our Center Coordinator at our Oak Creek Center: 414-768-0151
Sarah our Center Coordinator at our West Allis/Wauwatosa Center 414-210-4541