Our Mission:
Ebenezer Child Care Centers, Inc. strengthens families by providing exceptional early care and education in safe, innovative and nurturing environments.

Our Vision:
Communities throughout Wisconsin are healthier and stronger because of the standard we have set by empowering the children and families of Ebenezer Child Care Centers, Inc. to reach their fullest potential.

Ebenezer Child Care Centers’ Core Values

Ebenezer Child Care Centers believes:

  • All children are important.
  • All children need a safe, nurturing, diverse environment in absence of parents.
  • In providing all parents with quality early care andeducationthrough our knowledge and expertise.
  • In treating all teachers and parents/guardians with dignity and respect.
  • In adhering to state regulations to maintain integrity.
  • In the integrated efforts of all staff & parents.
  • In performing our business with excellence.
  • In taking a leadership role in the early care and education field.