August’s Virtues: Humility, Perseverance and Purposefulness

Ebenezer’s Virtues of the Month Program is about empowering adults and children to live by their highest values. There are 52 virtues in the program. The mission of the Virtues Program is to provide empowering strategies of excellence that inspire the practice of virtues at Ebenezer Child Care Centers as well as at home. This month’s virtues are:

Humility is considering yourself no more important than other people. You are happy to serve others and think other people’s needs are important. When you are humble you don’t criticize or shame yourself or others. Humility helps you to understand that life is for learning and to be aware that no matter how much you know, there is always more to learn. It means you understand you can’t be perfect, and that when you make a mistake you will learn from it. And, when you need help, you will ask for it.

Perseverance is rising up to a challenge and sticking with something even when times get tough. It is never giving up, remaining positive and refusing to surrender in order to achieve greatness in life.

Purposefulness is having a clear focus instead of being fuzzy or unsure of what you are doing and why. It is working toward a goal, acting on purpose. It is concentrating so something good will happen as a result.