Avoiding the Halloween Candy Craze

It’s that time of year again! Halloween is just around the corner, but how do you make it fun and healthy? Research by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta found that a typical bag of Halloween treats is equivalent to about 4,800 calories, one-and-a-half cups of fat, and three cups of sugar. So, how do you take the candy out of Halloween? Let us help you! Here are a few simple tips that put the emphasis on having fun rather than candy.

Start Young: It’s never too late, but if possible, start emphasizing a healthy Halloween when your children are really young. This can help to avoid the candy craze all together.

Provide Candy Alternatives: Set a good example for your children by passing out healthy snacks such as cereal, granola bars, fresh fruit, or trail mix. You could also pass out non-food treats! Studies suggest that many kids don’t mind getting non-food treats such as pencils, markers, and small toys.

Emphasize the Non-Candy Part of Halloween: There are a lot of fun things about Halloween. Try to keep your children focused on dressing up, making decorations, spending time together, and playing spooky games.

Exchange Treats for Toys: Another fun way to encourage your children to have a healthy Halloween is to allow them to go trick-or-treating but instead of eating the candy, they can exchange their treats for a brand new toy.

Set Limits: If you don’t mind your children having a little bit of candy, set a limit before they go trick-or-treating, so they know what to expect. This will help keep their expectations from getting too high. Encourage your children to pick only their favorites. You can even teach your children the importance of sharing by allowing them to distribute the rest of their candy at school.

Halloween is about spending time as a family and having fun. Children do not need to eat candy in order to enjoy themselves. By taking the candy out of Halloween, you not only set a healthy example for your children, but you also encourage them to appreciate the other fun aspect of Halloween even more!

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