Ebenezer Child Care Centers’ 2017 Board of Directors

As a Milwaukee-based not-for-profit, Ebenezer Child Care Centers is grateful for the ongoing support and expertise of our volunteer Board of Directors.

Our 2019 board will be listed as of April 1.

If you would have an interest in serving on our board, please email information about yourself and how you could help the board to Beverly Anderson, our executive director at beva@EbenezerChildCare.com.

Summary of Positions

Board members work closely with our Executive Director to further Ebenezer’s mission. They do so by developing agency policy, developing and overseeing the implementation of strategic plans, and overseeing the agency’s financials.  Board members also support and assist the agency in fund-raising efforts and represent Ebenezer in the community and at agency events.

In addition, Board members must be willing to:
-Participate in Board orientation and training
-Attend Board meetings
-Understand Ebenezer’s mission, by-laws, and strategic plan
-Serve on at least one committee
-Consent to a criminal background check
-Listen to all sides with an open mind before making a decision
-Abide by the will of the majority, respect the right of the minority, and be positive in support of the decisions made by the Board

Time Commitment

Ebenezer’s  Board of Directors meets an average of 6-10 times per year.  Board members also serve on at least one committee.  Committees meet 3-6 times per year.  Board members spend time preparing for meetings and attending agency functions (approximately 2-3 per year).

Board of Directors Terms

Board terms last three years.