Anti-Bias Education

When: 06/10/2013 6:30-8:30 p.m.
Where: Ebenezer Child Care Centers' Southside Milwaukee location, 1496 S. 29th Street
Presented by: Doreen Cadd

Course Description:  Anti-Bias Education is not having a week long lesson on diversity.  It is actually standard operating procedures woven into the fabric of your classroom and program.  It truly encompasses everything you say and do in your facility.  In this training we will take the Anti-Bias Journey together.  We will learn what Anti-Bias education really means, how it looks, and how it sounds in our classrooms.  We will examine the vision of Anti-Bias education and the goals of Anti-Bias education.  We will even take it a step (maybe a leap) further and provide you guidelines for teaching these goals as it relates to your daily operations.  This session will enlighten and encourage you to make some positive adjustments to your program.  It will make you feel good about what you already know and do!

NAC Focus: Interactions Between Teachers and Children & Curriculum

Virtues:  Compassion, Justice & Tolerance