Curriculum Training for the Expert – MANDATORY-READ BELOW

When: 02/18/2017 9:00 am- 11:30 am
Where: Ebenezer's Southside Center, 1496 S. 29th Street - St. Joseph's Hall
Presented by: All Curriculum Specialists

NOTE: EACH TEACHER MUST ATTEND ONE OF THE TWO CURRICULUM TRAININGS.  Select the training that best meets your needs. Your selection must be approved by your Curriculum Specialist prior to enrolling in the training.

This training is for the advanced teacher who understands curriculum, planning and choosing child goals. In this training we will be discussing appropriate theme selection, how to scaffold learning, using emergent curriculum and creating a child centered environment where the children are in charge of their own choices and learning. During this training we will be using WMELS as our guide in analyzing lesson plans and reflecting on current practice.

Please bring a copy of your own completed lesson plan including child goals and reflections.

Virtues:  Excellence, Flexibility, and Trust