Health & Physical Well-Being of Children

When: 11/10/2016 6:30pm-8:30pm
Where: Ebenezer's Southside Milwaukee Child Care Center, 1496 S. 29th St. Chiara Room
Presented by: Natalie Finkley & Leslie Hundt

Physical Development and Health refers to physical well-being, use of the body, muscle control, and appropriate nutrition, exercise, hygiene, and safety practices. Early health habits lay the foundation for lifelong healthy living. Equally important, physical well-being, health, and motor development are foundational to young children’s learning.

Physical Health & Development:

  • Gross-motor skills: Children demonstrate strength, flexibility, balance, and timing in using their large muscles.
  • Fine-motor skills: Children demonstrate dexterity and hand-eye coordination in using their small muscles.
  • Body awareness: Children know about their bodies and how to navigate them in space.
  • Personal care: Children carry out personal care routines on their own.
  • Healthy behavior: Children engage in healthy practices.

In this training you will learn about the Wisconsin Model Learning Standard’s learning domain; Physical Health and Development. Further, we will explore the tool and how it is used with each age specifically, using the child’s developmental plans. In addition, we will work on activities and resources you can take back to your classrooms! Come to collect some of this additional knowledge behind physical health & development in children and of course to get a little exercise at the same time!