School-Age Curriculum – School-Age Curricular Framework – MANDATORY FOR ALL SCHOOL-AGE TEACHERS

When: 03/26/2014 6:30pm-8:30pm
Where: Ebenezer's Southside Milwaukee Child Child Care Center - Chiara Room
Presented by: Natalie Finkley and Lisa Heid

Review YoungStar’s School-Age Curricular Framework and how school-age teachers can use this framework to provide a well-planned, engaging, fun environment that will define a child’s experience in your school-age program.  A school-age curriculum is a combination of what staff teach (goals and objectives), how they teach it (daily routines and activities), and the context in which the learning will take place (human interactions, child choice activities, group experience, outdoor play, and so on).  School-age curricula vary from program to program, but should all be exposed to the nine content areas that have been determined by WAN (Wisconsin Afterschool Network) to be the framework for which school-age programs should focus programming around. School-age children need to be guided socially and in school settings.  Your curriculum should complement the core subjects that children learn in school.  Since curriculum affects all aspects of a program: its overall quality, parent perceptions, and the outcomes of the program on child development, by implementing a curriculum, a school-age program is more likely to achieve intended outcomes for the children.  Come learn some ideas how this can be done in your program!

Virtues: Courage & Justice

NAC Standards: D- Curriculum