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Coconut Macaroon Nests a Hit at Taste of Oak Creek-Franklin

On Thursday, March 10, Ebenezer Child Care Centers was proud to be a part of the  “Taste of Oak Creek-Franklin” fundraising event benefiting the Oak Creek-Franklin Foundation for Education.  The event was held at the Oak Creek Community Center and approximately 18 area restaurants and businesses offered yummy food samples. Ebenezer Child Care Center’s Oak… Read more »

Helping Children with Transitions

By Leslie, Ebenezer’s Southside Milwaukee Center Curriculum Specialist Transitioning, or moving between activities is something we do many times during the day. However, making changes can be difficult for a child. Children make many transitions each day—from parents to child care, from home to car or from play time to     bedtime. When and how often transitions… Read more »

Let’s Visit the Library

By Leslie, Ebenezer’s Southside Milwaukee Center Curriculum Specialist Have you been to the library recently? Have you been to the library with your children? If not, now is the time! We live in a world where we have direct access to any information we need or want with a touch of a button. We can download… Read more »

Downtown Milwaukee Center Gets a Facelift

We’re excited to announce that the finishing touches are getting done on our Rainbow and Duckling room renovations at our Downtown Milwaukee Center. Each room recently received new counters, cabinets, flooring, and ceiling tiles. The rooms just need to be thoroughly cleaned, and then we’ll be moving back into them.  At our parents’ request, as… Read more »

Welcome Ms. Sharece

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish a warm welcome to Ms. Sharece DeVougas.  Ms. Sharece will be serving as  our new Center Coordinator at our Wauwatosa center, which is located inside the UnitedHealth Care building at 10701 W. Research Drive in Wauwatosa. In her new position, Ms. Sharece will work with staff to… Read more »

Congratulations Ms. Catherine!

We’d like to congratulate Catherine Wilson, a lead teacher in one of our pre-school rooms at our Oak Creek location, on celebrating her 25th anniversary with Ebenezer Child Care Centers. We recently threw her a surprise party with Ebenezer office personnel and staff, Catherine’s husband, two children and mother to celebrate this noteworthy career accomplishment…. Read more »

Congrats Ms. Marthan and Welcome Ms. Caroline!

We’re excited to announce that Ms. Marthan Stewart has been named assistant coordinator for our Downtown Milwaukee location at 340 W. St. Paul Avenue. In this position, Ms. Marthan will work with the center’s coordinator and staff to ensure that the center, and its programs run efficiently, are developmentally appropriate, and are welcoming for all… Read more »

Gardening Fun – Summer 2015

Research has proven that helping to plant and tend to gardens has many benefits for children. Through the experience, children get rich sensory experiences, are able to learn about science by observing the cycle of growth of plants and learn about healthy eating at harvesting time. It’s also really good for a child’s emotional well-being… Read more »