ebenezer-child-care-milwaukee-montage-5Ebenezer Child Care Centers prides itself on hiring well-educated, caring early-education professionals.

Whether it’s presenting engaging, age-appropriate curriculum to your child, giving them praise and a hug, or just having heart-to-heart talks, Ebenezer’s caregivers have a special way of reaching each child they care for and making him or her feel safe and secure throughout those all-important formative years.

In addition to their natural abilities to bond with children, Ebenezer’s caregivers are well-trained in the child care industry. In fact, Ebenezer’s staff training program serves as a model for numerous other child care providers within Greater Milwaukee. We feel this measure of respect speaks volumes about our caregivers’ level of expertise and the quality of care children receive at Ebenezer Child Care Centers. We also have a lower staff turnover ratio than the national average.