The number of working parents with young children is at an all-time high.

Employer-Supported-Child-Care-4 Providing child care doesn’t just provide a boost in morale. It provides a boost in productivity.

With the growing number of working parents with young children, businesses are discovering the advantages of providing employer-supported child care – the newest trend in employee relations.

The fact is, lack of affordable, quality early care and education is creating difficulties in hiring highly qualified candidates. Productive and valued employees may leave their jobs because of child care problems, which then results in an increase in hiring and training costs. In addition, employees may have to spend time on the job addressing issues or take time off to handle them. All these factors put a strain on productivity and profits. A partnership with Ebenezer Child Care Centers offers the best of both worlds.

Employer-Supported-Child-Care-6Offering child care as part of your benefits package will give your existing and valued employees immense peace of mind. This will enable them to focus on the jobs you have hired them to do.

Quality early care and education makes parents happy. Happy parents make better employees.

Successful businesses have found that by responding to a full range of their employees’ needs, they can achieve results unmatched by their competitors. Early care and education is the latest of these needs having a significant impact on productivity and profits.

Improves Recruitment
Many jobseekers view child care as a quality of life issue that affects their work-related decisions. By promoting child care benefits, your company can establish itself as an “employer of choice” enhancing the number of qualified candidates interested in your company.

Decreases Turnover
When child care problems are chronic, parents don’t just miss work, they leave their jobs altogether. Employees experiencing conflict between work and family demands are three times more likely to consider quitting.

Lowers Absenteeism
Employees with inadequate child care are more likely to be late for work, absent and distracted on the job than parents who are confident about their child care arrangements. Absenteeism caused by poor child care ends up costing American businesses more than $3 billion a year. How much is it costing your company?

Increases Productivity
With their children in a reliable, quality early care and education setting, your employees will be better able to concentrate on the work of your company. Additionally, many businesses report an increase in employee motivation when offering child care benefits not readily available from competing employers.

Strengthens Your Community Image
Communities value and support businesses that address the needs of their employees and the larger needs of the community in general. In fact, 85% of employers report more positive public relations through offering child care programs.

Not just child care. Child care from the Heart.

SiEmployer-Supported-Child-Care-1nce 1968, Ebenezer Child Care Centers has built a long tradition of providing children ages 4 weeks through twelve years with the same kind of personal attention and loving care that children receive from their parents. We pride ourselves on providing a setting that not only fulfills a child’s academic needs but their social and emotional needs as well.

We make it a priority to employ teachers and support staff with qualifications above and beyond the state licensing requirements. Our programs include a variety of developmentally appropriate “hands – on” learning activities and exercises, enabling each child to explore numerous skills and learning concepts. Teachers, plan, implement and assess these activities based on the individual goals of each child and group in conjunction with Wisconsin Early Model Learning Standards (WMELS) that are currently being utilized in local elementary schools as well.

Our 3K and 4K pEmployer-Supported-Child-Care-2rograms are specially designed around the developmental abilities of children in math, science, creative art, music, language, literacy, small motor, and large motor skills. Teachers keep a portfolio on each child in the classroom and conduct regular parent teacher conferences.

Finally, as a not-for-profit organization, our centers welcome any child without regard to race, color, religion, or ethnic background. We are accredited by the National Accredited Commission, and all of our centers have achieved a Five-Star YoungStar rating. This is the highest rating achievable.

Rest assured, the smiles you find on our children’s faces speak volumes about the quality of care they receive. Parents and children alike feel they are part of our Ebenezer Child Care family.

Partnership options.

As an Ebenezer partner, we don’t just take care of your employees’ children; we take care of you. To that end, we offer a complete range of options to best suit your company’s needs, space and capital investment.

Partnership Options include:

  • Dedicated On-Site/Off-Site Location
  • Employee Space Guarantee
  • Child Care Subsidy
  • Enrollment Discount
  • Parent Referral Program
  • Enrollment Incentive

In addition to these options, we can help you educate your employees about the child care options available to them including providing informative tours of our existing locations.

To learn more about an Ebenezer Child Care Partnership, or to arrange a personal meeting for a more in-depth explanation of our options and advantages, please call (414) 643-5070.

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