Peg and Ann-1 websizeEbenezer’s Infant Program provides a warm, loving and welcoming environment for families. We work with families to ensure infants are on an individual schedule to meet their developmental, nutritional, physical, and emotional needs.

In addition to the love, hugs and snuggles; our well-educated, caring teachers create experiences for children that invite exploration and experimentation to support cognitive, language, social, and emotional development. While your infant is in our program our teachers will:

  • Read, sing, talk with children to promote all areas of development
  • Offer age appropriate learning materials such as teethers, rattles, balls, busy boxes for infants to investigate and manipulate
  • Help children to use their five senses to explore the world around them
  • Develop creativity in infants using non-toxic materials such as crayons, paint, edible play-dough
  • Comfort, nurture, and guide infants through daily routines such as feeding, diaper changing, napping


Your curious toddler needs a safe and encouraging environment in which to explore. Ebenezer’s Toddler Program provides toddlers a safe and organized environment in which to explore, grow and begin the life long learning journey.

Our caring and conscientious teachers offer a structured, yet flexible, schedule to meet the individual needs and learning needs of toddlers. While your toddler is in our program teachers will:

  • Read, sing, talk with children to promote language development
  • Offer climbing, running, walking, riding opportunities to promote large motor development
  • Provide a variety of art materials to support creative thinking/development like paint, chalk, crayons
  • Assist children with self help skills such as taking off shoes, putting on socks, identifying their own clothing, feeding themselves
  • Create developmentally appropriate learning opportunities for children like sorting, stacking, pushing, pulling for example