Ebenezer offers a 3K and a 4K program designed to ensure that your child will have the skills necessary to be prepared for kindergarten. Our goal is to make this an interesting, amazing, and enjoyable time for your child. We want all children to be excited about learning.

COME TO OUR OPEN HOUSES on Thursday, July 13 from 4-6:30 pm at our Downtown Milwaukee, Oak Creek and West Allis/Wauwatosa centers to learn more!

In addition to setting up an atmosphere of excitement, exploration and discovery, the teachers will:

  • Provide small group activities such as creating structures, conducting experiments, categorizing results
  • Offer a wide variety of creative opportunities including writing, coloring, pasting, painting, cutting, puzzles
  • Encourage cooperation, problem solving, negotiation
  • Set up simple math experiences such as sorting, categorizing, measuring, sequencing
  • Read stories and have children dictate stories to increase their vocabulary, comprehension, letter recognition, letter sounds
  • Help increase literacy skills through writing, music, movement, create art, imaginative play
  • Incorporate “Virtue” language and role model virtues such as: cooperation, cleanliness, thankfulness, honesty and patience just to name a few
  • Plan self-directed, yet closely supervised activities that promotes all areas of development
  • Schedule indoor and outdoor activities to develop large muscle skills and coordination

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