It’s a philosophy of education that helps to foster a love of learning through Creativity, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, and Communication.

With STEAM-N children are learning skills they way they are used in the real world and workforce. Think about it, rarely does a job require only one skill set like math. For example, architects use science, math, engineering and technology all woven together in practical and seamless ways, allowing them to design complex, functional and beautiful buildings.

According to the authors of Steam Kids, STEAM-N is all about inspiring our next generation of inventors, innovators and leaders to:
Question things like a scientist;
Design like a technologist;
Build like an engineer;
Create like an artist;
Deduce like a mathematician; and
Play like a kid.

Ebenezer’s 2021 “STEAM-N” Summer Program will be held at our following locations:Downtown Center—340 W. St. Paul Avenue
Oak Creek Center—220 W. Forest Hill Avenue
West Allis/Wauwatosa Center—1136 S. 108th Street

To register call 414.643.5070.