Ebenezer’s Two-Year-Old program is designed to provide structure and build upon the natural independence of two year old children.

In addition to planning a safe and loving environment that supports exploration, the teacher will:

  • Offer a variety of experiences using art materials and mediums such as crayons, paint, chalk, paper, glue
  • Provide purposeful activities so that children can express themselves through music and movement
  • Encourage imaginative play with props and dress up clothes
  • Use a variety of open-ended materials for sensorimotor exploration which helps to improve motor skills
  • Foster independent play that requires problem-solving and mastery
  • Provide experiences and books to improve language/vocabulary through conversations and story telling
  • Will set up opportunities for purposeful scribbling
  • Offer real-life experiences with people and things to observe
  • Provide a simplified preschool environment that is divided into appropriate areas for active learning
  • Continue to encourage self-help skills

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