Ebenezer Child Care Centers believes all children need assistance and guidance in developing integrity and compassion.

That is why we have developed a unique Virtues Program that has become an integral part of our curriculum as well as our daily interactions with our children and their families. Each day at our day care centers, we have five basic strategies that guide us in our mission to work with parents and the community to provide our children with a foundation for personal growth, life-long learning, and future success. The basic strategies include:

  • Speaking the Language of Virtues: The language of virtues helps us to replace shaming and blaming with personal responsibility and respect. It’s a frame of reference for bringing out the best in children and ourselves.
  • Recognizing Teachable Moments: Recognizing the gifts and life lessons in our daily challenges helps us to develop character in ourselves and others.
  • Setting Clear Boundaries: This allows us to create a climate of peace and safety and build healthy relationships and protect our time, our energy, and our health.
  • Honoring the Spirit: It is expressing what is meaningful in our lives by participating in the arts, honoring special life events, and sharing our stories.
  • Offering Spiritual Companioning: By being genuinely present and listening with compassion and detachment, we help others express themselves freely. This supports moral choice and peaceful conflict resolution.

The result of integrating these strategies into everything we do is that Ebenezer Child Care Centers offers an environment of safety and caring, as well as a culture that encourages the development of character in our children, teachers, and  families we serve.

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