Is My Child ready for Kindergarten?

A great way to prep your child for Kindergarten is to get them in a quality 4K program. Ebenezer’s Oak Creek facility will be hosting a 4K Open House one March 7 from 4-6:30. For more information please call Ann McKillip, Center Coordinator at 414.768.0151.

How do you know if your child is ready to move on to kindergarten? Research has shown that the best indicator of school success, is acquiring social skills. By the time a child starts kindergarten, he should have the following “Seven C’s of Preschool Social Skills”.

Conversation – By the ages of 3 – 4 years children should be practicing the skills of conversation: talking in turn, staying on topic, and even reading other people’s emotions and facial expressions.
– Cooperation involves more than just sharing, it also includes the ability to get along with others.
Conflict Resolution
– Because a preschooler’s mind isn’t entirely logical, children are not typically great at solving problems. Many children resort to hitting others, to express what they can’t say. With practice, most 5 – 6 year olds can sit down and have a conversation with others about their issues. They may not yet come up with a fair compromise, some adults still have trouble with this!
– Most parents notice their child’s speech increases in preschool. However, there is more to communication than speaking clearly. Communicating, well also includes the ability to express feelings, needs, wants and knowledge to new people.
Confidence – Most preschoolers are all about independence and trying to do things for themselves. This leads to self esteem and confidence. Let your child take the initiative, without correcting their little mistakes. Feeling good about her abilities and social skills, will serve her well for life.
(Self) Control – Learning self control starts during the preschool years. As a child’s ability to understand cause and effect increases, his ability to control his emotions increases.
Curiosity – Curiosity is a skill to celebrate! It allows your child to explore their world, to ask questions and draw conclusions. This skill gives them a head start into formal learning.

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