Christmas Safety Tips – December 2016

Christmas is a fun and magical holiday for little ones. However, it is also a time of year with added dangers that require parents to use extra caution.

According to Beverly Anderson, Executive Director of Ebenezer Child Care Centers with locations on Milwaukee’s southside and in downtown Milwaukee, Oak Creek, and Wauwatosa, “There are a number of things parents should be thinking about when planning their holidays to make sure they keep their families safe.”

Below are some tips.

Christmas Trees

Anderson says there are a number of things parents need to be cautious of when it comes to Christmas trees. First, if your family is purchasing a live tree, it will have to be watered daily. If a live tree goes dry, it will become a fire hazard.

“If your family travels frequently over the holidays, it is best to simply purchase an artificial tree, so you don’t have to worry about it drying out while you are gone.”

Second, if your family has toddlers or new walkers, you will want to be sure they can’t pull the tree over on themselves. This may require some creativity to “fasten” the tree to a nearby wall or piece of furniture. Or you might want to simply put up a baby gate around the tree, so the little ones can’t get too close. This is also a good idea if your tree has glass ornaments that could easily break.

Third, make sure the lights on your Christmas tree do not have any frayed wires and are all in working condition. Likewise, make sure they are all placed into a power strip that will automatically turn off it gets too hot.


Anderson says parents should always look at the recommended age on toys, so they know whether or not the items are age-appropriate. For toddlers and younger children, parents should also be cautious of getting items that could become a choking hazard.

If purchasing gifts online, Anderson suggests that parents have them delivered to their office, so they are not sitting on your family’s doorstep when you aren’t home. She also suggests that gifts aren’t left out in the open by windows where thieves could possibly see them.

On Christmas, Anderson says that children should receive assistance with opening difficult boxes, and that they should not be allowed to use a scissors or knife by themselves.

Finally, when decorating for the holidays, Anderson points out that ladders should never left unattended and to only place Christmas decorations out of reach of small hands. This is particularly important in the case of candles, decorations made of breakable materials and those that could pose a choking hazard.

By taking these tips seriously, families will ensure their holidays will be free from injury and filled with enjoyable, happy memories.

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