Ebenezer Child Care Centers Revamps Its Menus

Did you know that Ebenezer Child Care Centers recently underwent an initiative to provide healthier breakfasts, lunches, and snacks?

We formed a committee that included Denise Green (Center Coordinator for Ebenezer Child Care Center’s South Milwaukee location), Mona Perales (Center Coordinator for Ebenezer’s Downtown Milwaukee location), Ann McKillip (Center Coordinator for Ebenezer’s Oak Creek location), and Gail Marohl (Support Services Specialist). The committee members reviewed our breakfast, snack, and lunch menus to determine how we could incorporate healthier options into them. The group decided that their main focus would be on serving more fresh fruits and vegetables, using frozen vegetables rather than canned, switching milk for children over 2 years of age from 2% percent to skim, and switching all breads and tortillas to whole wheat. A USDA Consultant reviewed our menu changes and concurred that they are much healthier and would positively impact the children we serve.

Menus are now on a 12-week rotation cycle from September – May. And, thanks to a $15,0000 Wellness Grant that Ebenezer just received in October, we will also be having an Independent Nutritionist review the menus to see if there are any additional recommendations she can offer.

The health of the children and families we serve will be an agency-wide focus in 2012!