Fall Fun with Your Family

Fall is the perfect time of year to spend some quality time with your family. The weather is perfect for going outside because it’s not too hot or too cold for children to enjoy. Here are our suggestions for some fall family fun.

Visit A Farm

Farms provide many family friendly activities for children of all ages. They have corn mazes, pumpkin picking, gourd launching, hayrides, and more.

One great way to enjoy the crisp farm air is to pick fresh fruit with your family. This healthy option will not only provide exercise for your young ones, but also a nutritious treat. The picking season varies from year to year so be sure to plan ahead. http://www.pickyourown.org/wiaf.htm is a great resource. It lists Wisconsin area farms by county and provides details about when your family can harvest the fruit.

Observe Nature
Whether you are collecting leaves, going on a hike or concocting an intricate scavenger hunt for your children, observing nature is a great way to enjoy the fall.

Fall DIYs
DIYs are an excellent way to get your children involved in educational activities. The ones listed below are designed to get your children excited about nature.

  • Make an old-fashioned pinecone bird feeder with your children.
  • Create art from fallen leaves by pressing them in a book and then framing them. You could also use the leaves as stamps to create wonderful paintings.
  • Decorate a tree for Halloween with handmade ghosts, spiders, and monsters!
  • Cut the apples and pears that you picked from the farm in half and use them as stamps.

Fall is the perfect time to engage in meaningful and educational outdoor activities with your children. With a little bit of creative thinking, you and your family will enjoy the wonderful fall season.