Go Cordless! Prevent Child Strangulations In Window Covering Cords

By Guest Blogger Carl with the Consumer Product Safety Comission (CPSC)

The danger to young children from the hidden and deadly hazard of exposed window covering cords is serious—and it is preventable.  Nearly one child dies each month due to a window cord strangulation.  This must stop and we can work together to save lives.

Last week Chairman Elliot Kaye announced that “the move by IKEA and Target to sell only window blinds and shades that are truly safe for young children is a game changer…IKEA and Target are proving what we have long believed was possible: that consumers can shop for window coverings that do not kill children and find affordable options.”  With this being Window Covering Safety Month, we are asking that you to let families in your community know about this hidden hazard and that there are safer options in stores today.

kids and cords don't mix croppedTake this opportunity to share the compelling video, In an Instant, which was produced by the organization Parents for Window Blind Safety. This powerful and dramatic video illustrates just how quickly this tragedy can happen.

You can also share our poster Kids and Cords Don’t Mix.  Until parents and caregivers make the switch to cordless blinds and shares or those with inaccessible cords, they should check all window coverings for exposed or dangling cords and secure them out of the reach of young children. This is a temporary fix that should be monitored until cordless window coverings are installed.

More information is available at the CPSC Window Covering Information Center.