How to Protect your Children Against Frostbite

Like it or not, Jack Frost is upon us! To keep your children from getting frostbite, you will need to bundle them up before they head outside. Here are a few tips from Ebenezer Child Care Centers with location around Greater Milwaukee, to make sure you keep your children safe this winter season.

· Pay attention to the weather. If it’s predicted to be frigid outside, think twice about even venturing out with your children.

· Dress your children in layers – an undershirt or long underwear, followed by a shirt, sweatshirt, or sweater (depending on temperatures), and an outer wind- and water-resistant layer for their upper and lower body.

· Make sure to always have your children wear a warm hat.  Research has proven that the body can lose up to 10% of its heat when the head is not covered.

· Likewise, children should always wear insulated gloves or mittens when they are outside. Mittens tend to keep the hands warmer, because the fingers can remain together.

· Warm, wool socks and waterproof, insulated boots are also required attire for winter.

· Finally, if your children complain that any part of their bodies are starting to feel numb, seek immediate shelter as this is an early warning sign of frostbite.