Let’s Visit the Library

By Leslie, Ebenezer’s Southside Milwaukee Center Curriculum Specialist

Have you been to the library recently? Have you been to the library with your children? If not, now is the time!

We live in a world where we have direct access to any information we need or want with a touch of a button. We can download books and   movies on our phones, tablets and computers. Many of you may even be able to do this on your televisions. Our world of information has expanded so much that the library may seem some what old-fashion.

If you have not been to the library recently-wow, are you in for a surprise!

Image source: youreducationdoctor.wordpress.com

Image source: youreducationdoctor. wordpress.com

Your local library has many more books, magazines, newspapers and movies than you could afford to download. All for free! Your only commitment is to return them on time.

Your local library has special programs for children and adults. Do you need help with computer skills, your child needs homework help or you want some fun entertainment on a Saturday afternoon, head to the library.

When you borrow books and read to your child or your child borrows their own books you are setting the foundation for school success. Reading, listening and conversation improve brain development. Reading is the number one indicator of school success.

Your local library also has puzzles, music, games and other items for check out. All of these items aid in brain development and help your child succeed in school. Give your child a step up and introduce them to the library! A world of reading awaits.

The Downtown Milwaukee Library is located at 814  W. Wisconsin Avenue.  Other Milwaukee library locations can be found at http://www.mpl.org/hours_locations/. The Oak Creek Library is located at 8040 S. 6th Street in Oak Creek, and the Wauwatosa Library is located at 7635 W North Avenue in Wauwatosa.