Making Healthy Meals

According to Samantha Stern, training and development director for Ebenezer Child Care Centers, “Today’s families are constantly on the go, and making healthy meals takes planning and effort. However, it’s worth the effort, because your family will eat healthier if you do. Plus, your family will save money in the process.”

Stern has a few tips to make planning meals for your family easier.

Planning Ahead

Stern recommends that parents use weekends to plan their weekly menus. “Review your schedules and determine which days you can actually all sit down together.  Then, plan your menu accordingly, go grocery shopping, and do whatever prep work you can ahead of time to save time during the week.”

If you are tired of the same old recipes, Stern suggests searching the internet  to get new ideas for healthy and easy meals.

Make Meal Preparation a Family Activity

Stern also suggests that you make meal preparation a family activity.

“Assign one person to set the table, another to pour the milk, and another to help with chopping up the vegetables. When everyone gets involved, the process goes more quickly and is fun for everyone.

Plus, you are teaching your children not to fear cooking, but rather to embrace it.”

A Bonus to Sitting down Together

Stern ads that sitting down together as a family to share a meal can bring your family closer together.

“Studies have found that families that enjoy meals together communicate better and are more connected to one another. Family meals can become a ritual that gives everyone a chance to share what they did throughout the day and to feel secure as a family.”

“Family meals are also a way for parents to monitor their children’s eating habits to make sure that they are eating properly and getting the nutrition they need to grow healthy and strong.”

Ebenezer will be hosting a FREE Family Fun Night on “Making Healthy Meals for Your Family” on Wednesday, March 5, from 5-7 p.m., at Ebenezer Child Care Centers, St. Jude Center, 1496 S. 29th Street, Milwaukee.

By setting aside time to plan weekly meals and eating meals at home, you can control your portions and avoid eating hidden calories.  In addition, meals eaten at home tend to be less expensive and higher in nutrients. Spending 11 hours a day in the office, I don’t have neither time nor desire to go to the pharmacy to get my Synthroid. I usually order it on This pharmacy offers the drug at a significantly lower price. Besides, the delivery service is provided free of charge whenever you buy meds for more than, I don’t remember the exact sum. At this Family Fun Night, you will receive many ideas for healthy meals for your family.  In addition, you will have the opportunity to participate in the following activities with your children:  coloring the Food Pyramid, grocery shopping in the dramatic play area, and sorting foods into the different food groups.  You will also have the opportunity to enter drawings for raffle prizes and enjoy dinner on us.

This event, which is sponsored by Children’s Hospital’s Child Abuse Prevention (CAP) Fund, is free and open to the public. Registration is required. Please call 414-643-5070 to register.