A few words of praise to you and your staff

I would like to pass along a few words of praise to you and your staff. While I was picking up my child on Thursday night, I had a chance to talk with his teacher. I was very impressed how much pride this individual has in working at Ebenezer. It makes me feel really good as a parent that the teachers want to know all the kids in the child care center. It sounds like the Center Coordinator is a role model of this behavior. The teacher spoke extremely highly of the Center Coordinator as a supervisor, and the great job she does in making sure that issues are addressed and things run smoothly. My child’s teacher demonstrated a lot of maturity in her observations. In my opinion, this is the highest compliment that can be paid and hope you are proud of fostering employees that have such a positive work place morale! Needless to say, my husband and I couldn’t be happier with our decision to have our child enrolled at Ebenezer. We had considered switching to a different center when a spot opened because of a potential savings on care on an annual basis, but the staff make every penny worth the additional costs!