I’m so glad I found Ebenezer Daycare!

My son, Jayden has been going to Ebenezer Daycare since he was 6-weeks-old. He is now 2 ½. It’s a great feeling to know I can leave him in their hands and not worry. It’s hard as a mom trusting others with your child but their staff has always made the environment feel very welcoming, warm and safe. All of his teachers have been very down to earth and friendly not only with him but with me also. Whenever I walk into the classroom and see my son with a big smile on his face either singing, reading or just playing, having fun it makes my day! Everyday he has one or more educational art projects he takes home which has gotten him to want to paint and do creative things at home. I love it when they go outside (weather permitting) and run all of his energy out, as he can have a lot of it. He is now being potty trained which they are helping out a lot with. I am very thankful for all the help with Jayden when I can’t be there with him. I’m so glad I found Ebenezer Daycare!