Preschool Fitness Day Gets Children Moving

On Friday, January 25, everyone was busy “moving” as part of “Preschool Fitness Day,” a day designated to promote the importance of healthy children.

According to Beverly Anderson, Executive Director for Ebenezer Child Care Centers, “This day is very important to celebrate because childhood obesity is now recognized as having its roots during the preschool years. The preschool years are also a perfect to start talking to children about the importance of eating healthy and exercising regularly. It is a life skill that needs to be taught to preschoolers just like brushing your teeth and how to use the potty.”

At our Ebenezer Child Care Center in Wauwatosa, the two-year-olds and preschoolers got into the spirit by staying active inside. They jumped and danced with their teachers to fun music, and participated in an activity where they practiced using different means of locomotion around the classroom. The children skipped, slid, hopped, walked and even ran!  It was a really great time especially since the weather was too cold to for the children to be playing and active outdoors.