Santa’s Workshop Brings Smiles To Many in Attendance

On Saturday, December 6, our Southside Child Care Center, located at 1496 S. 29th Street in Milwaukee,  was happy to once again host a Santa’s Workshop event for Ebenezer families and members of the community. The fun-filled morning featured a free continental breakfast,  Christmas-themed craft projects, shopping for little gifts and visit from the big man himself!

Children had smiles spread broadly across their faces as they enjoyed making jingle bell necklaces and a doorknob hanger to let Santa know it was okay to come in. The also took their time  coloring a Christmas-themed frisbee and making a hand print ornament that looked like a reindeer or an ornament that you laced ribbon through to make a Christmas tree. We have a lot of little budding artists at Ebenezer!

Of course Santa was delighted to take time out of his hectic schedule to visit with our Ebenezer kids and take plenty of pictures too! He said the cookies at the event were some of the best he’s had in a LONG time. ;)

Thanks to all who came out for this fun event and to our entire staff who helped to make it happen.

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