September Virtues: Self-Discipline and Determination

At Ebenezer Child Care Centers, we incorporate a unique, virtue- and character-building curriculum into our daily lesson plans and interactions with our children. Our “Virtues from the Heart” program provides our teachers countless opportunities to further enrich the lives of the children in our care and provide them with the basic structure and understanding of how to be more virtuous.

This month’s virtues are self-discipline and determination.

Self-Discipline is getting yourself to do what you really want to do, choosing to do what you feel is right, and bringing order and efficiency into your life.  When you are self-disciplined, you create structure in your life and don’t procrastinate.  You take charge of your life.

Determination is focusing your energy and efforts on a particular task and then sticking with it until it is done.  It is using your willpower to do something even when it might not be easy.  Determination means you care about doing something so much that even when it is really hard, or you are being tested, you still keep going.