Training Sessions

Staff Training

Taking Care of Yourself/How to Avoid Burnout

11/01/2021 On Your Own

Description: People who take care of others often put their own needs last. Does that sound familiar? Caring for yourself is important for your health and wellness, and it is directly related to your ability to care for others and succeed at work. Although you can’t avoid all stress, too much stress can make it… Read more »

Are you Ready to be Mentored? Coaching for Assistants/How to Work Togetherether

10/09/2021 9-11 am

Description: Mentoring is a relationship-based adult learning strategy intended to promote and support a teacher’s awareness and refinement of her professional learning process and teaching practices. Effective mentoring can occur at any stage of an educator’s career.  Come and learn effective communication strategies to help build your co-teaching relationship and grow professionally as a early… Read more »

Are you Ready to be a Mentor? -Mandatory for lead teachers

09/11/2021 9-11 am

Description: Mentors are ‘articulate practitioners’ who not only can demonstrate excellent skills with young children, families, and other adults in the early learning environment, but also talk about their skills and practices meaningfully with others. Join us for a workshop that gives you the tools to work with your co-teacher in a meaningful and purposeful… Read more »

Professional Development Day 2

08/27/2021 8 am-4 p m

Description: TBD Virtues: Unity and Excellence NAC Standards: ALL

Professional Development Day 1

08/26/2021 8 am-4pm

Description: TBD Virtues: Unity and Excellence NAC Standards: ALL

Summer Blast

05/22/2021 TBD

Description: Ready for summer? The leadership team is focused on preparing you for the summer program that is rapidly approaching. It’s never too early to learn more about the amazing summer program by taking workshops on fieldtrip protocol, curriculum, safety and OSHA standards Virtues: Enthusiasm, Energy and Excellence NAC Standards: ALL

Procare Workshop for Teachers

04/21/2021 6:15-8:15 pm

Description: From parent communication, to lesson planning and portfolio building, to tuition and billing; Procare does it all. Come learn how to effectively use Procare to its fullest extent. This will be a hands-on training where we show you some tips and tricks to make your Procare use most effective. Virtues: Patience, Courtesy, Enthusiasm NAC… Read more »

Curriculum: Science/Sensory/Math Make & Take

02/27/2021 9-11 am

Description: Young children are naturally curious.  Their desire to question, explore, investigate, and hypothesize is part of their being.  Why not build on this natural inclination. Join us as we delve into the world of science, math and sensory for young children and create resources that support their science and math exploration or introduce to… Read more »

Professionalism in the Field of Early Childhood Education

01/14/2021 6:15-8:15 pm

Description: Teachers of young children work hard to be professional and to be viewed by others as professionals. This training will offer you an overview on professionalism.  How does one behave like a professional?  What are professional ethics in early childhood and how does it change your attitude how you work with families and children?… Read more »

Asking Why: Understanding the Intent behind Each NAC Standard

11/10/2020 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Description: Anyone who has children or has worked with young children knows that one of their favorite questions is “why”.   Adults often forget how important this simple question can be when it comes to NAC.   Instead, staff members make the adjustments, perhaps focusing more on passing and meeting the standards than truly understanding them, or… Read more »