The Power of Love – February 2009

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Everybody knows that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. It’s a perfect day to make that someone special in your life feel extra special. However, when you have children, you need to let them know on a daily basis that they are loved, not just once a year on Valentine’s Day.

According to Samantha Stern, training and development director at Ebenezer Child Care Centers, “Research has proven that newborn babies need to feel an abundance of love to help their neurons develop. Babies who are not touched, held, or given love quickly develop depression and alienation.”

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“As babies grow into toddlers, school-agers, and young adults, this need for love continues. So, as a parent, you must let your children feel and know they are loved every single day.”

Time Together

Stern starts by saying that, even though we are all leading busy lives, we need to set aside quality time daily to be with our children.

“The dishes and housework can wait until the children are in bed,” says Stern. “Before you know it, they will be grown up. You have to let your children know they are loved while you can.”

When children are young, Stern says a perfect way to let your children know they are loved is to snuggle up together and read some good books. As children get older, you can help them with their homework, play a game, or simply eat dinner together to share some quality time.

Words of Love and Praise

According to Stern, while spending quality time together is extremely important, nothing lets your children know they are loved like hearing it straight from your mouth.

“Words of praise, encouragement, and love are greater than any gift we could ever possibly buy for our children,” says Stern. “It validates a child’s sense of being, purpose, and gives them the confidence they need to grow and thrive.”

Stern says to always be on the look out for opportunities to express your love for your children.

“Thank them for making your day wonderful, congratulate them for a job well done, and tell them you love them because of something great that they have done.”

She also says it is particularly important to let your children know you love them in the morning, before you separate for the day, and at the end of the day when they are going to bed.

“As parents, you simply cannot underestimate the power of your actions and words,” says Stern.

Love Notes

We all know that we can’t be with our children 24 hours a day, but we can still make them feel special. Slipping love notes in your children’s lunch boxes, under their pillows, and in their pockets or backpacks are all terrific ways to let them know they are special.

Stern adds that with Valentine’s Day around the corner, making your children  homemade valentines is also a great way to reinforce how special they are to you.

“Love is the ultimate power in this world,” says Stern. “Be sure to give it your children in large doses.”

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