Why Family Style Meals?

By Leslie,  A curriculum specialist at our Southside Milwaukee Center

At Ebenezer, we take pride in creating a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere during our meals. Teachers sit and eat with children, talk about the day and encourage children to try new foods. Each teacher  enjoys these calm moments to get to know the children and hear what they have to say.

When we are at home, mealtime can be a crazy time of day and often we feel that we just do not have the time to sit with the children talking over the day. There is so much to do, but how often do you have an opportunity to unplug and really listen to your child? When we are driving, we are focused on the road and often times talking to other adults (whether in the car or on the phone). When we get home there is cleaning, baths, homework, yard work, etc. to be done. All of which take time. So, when do we talk to and listen to our children?

Mealtimes are a natural learning opportunity for you and your child. This is the time to teach them about new foods, to use a fork, spoon and cup, and to clean up their own place after the meal (which means one less thing for you to do). If we do not take the time to listen, talk and teach, how will children learn? Take advantage of meal time and create a pleasant experience for your family to come together, talk and learn.

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